Paul agreed to take our U.K. Registered car back in Part Exchange even though the MOT was about to expire. We had the pick of a great range of well prepared used Spanish Plated cars all at fair prices and found just what we were looking for..He arranged excellent value Insurance, had a full service carried out by his independent Spanish Service Centre, and a new ITV certificate for 12 months. The transfer from the prevoius owner as quickly arranged , and we were given 3 Months Warranty…Altogether a very satisfactory transaction and personally seen over by Paul, who is a very pleasant and helpful chap. After driving the car for a week, we were not happy with the performance of the Starter Motor,and after phoning were invited to bring the car back to be checked. In under two hours we drove away with a new one fitted,including time taken to source it,have it delivered from the Spares company and fitting by Pedro his first class Mechanic. All done free of charge,under the warranty without any quivel or hassle..Paul makes you feel very comfortable at all times and does not in way put any pressure on you to buy,just very accurately and fairly describing the cars you may be interested in. We will not be going anywhere else to buy our next Car in Spain..